All purchases on this website are expressly conditioned on your acceptance of this Refund Policy. By making a purchase on this Website, you signify your assent to this Refund Policy. Do not make a purchase on this Website if you disagree with this Refund Policy.

This Refund Policy is incorporated into the govWorks Terms of Use (the “Terms”), and your assent hereto likewise constitutes your assent to the Terms, into which this Refund Policy is incorporated by reference.

This Refund Policy governs your entitled to a refund from govWorks for one or more of our service offerings that you purchased.


1. No Refunds. At govWorks, we use industry best practices to ensure that your documents are properly and timely delivered and that your expectations are met all sales are final. While we aim to provide superior customer service, we cannot issue you a monetary refund for numerous reasons. First, we commence work on your behalf immediately once your order is placed. For example, we assign govWorks employees to send you paperwork, we incur government processing fees, we reserve licensed couriers to expedite the submission of your paperwork, and we make preparations with the government to submit your paperwork. Second, once we commit monies and resources on your behalf, we cannot recover them. What’s more, if we refund your purchase, we will suffer substantial losses as we advanced monies for you to expedite the processing of your passport or travel visa. Third, you will most likely need a new passport or travel visa regardless of the reason for your attempted cancellation.

Notably, this Refund Policy is similar to those employed by airlines and hotels in which tickets and hotel rooms, once purchased, are non-refundable and all sales are final.

Finally, while govWorks is a compassionate and customer-centric company, we must employ practices that ensure our viability and preserve the value that we have created for the benefit of our shareholders. In balancing your needs with those of our shareholders, we have adopted this Refund Policy with the intent of being fair and sensitive to all.

2. Immediate Expenditures / Transparency. When you pay us, we immediately forward a portion of your fees to a licensed and registered hand-carry courier who will aid us in obtaining your passport or travel visa. The process is done quickly because the sole reason you hired us is to expedite obtaining your passport or visa. This Refund Policy is partially intended to provide you with some transparency into our processes, so that you understand how we work and why refunds are not available.

3. Passport Suspension or Rejection. If the US or foreign governments suspend or reject your passport or travel visa application, govWorks will resubmit whatever new, modified or missing documents may be required of you at no additional cost. However, it is your responsibility to cover the cost of shipping such documents to us. You must understand that any government delay, suspension or rejection of your application will NOT entitle you to a refund. Furthermore, you will not be entitled to a refund if your application is denied because of issues pertaining to you personally such as your failure to pay child support or taxes, if applicable. We are not privy to such information.

4. Vouchers. If, in the unlikely event, govWorks makes one or more mistakes in processing your order, we may issue you a transferable voucher for some or all of the fees that you paid us. The voucher will be good for a (1) One Year period from the date of issuance. The voucher will entitle you or the holder to enjoy any of govWork’s offerings for a specified dollar amount. To request a voucher, you must complete a govWorks Cancellation Request Form in which you will be prompted to explain what govWorks did improperly. The govWorks management team will promptly review your request. Any determinations made by the team will rest within their sole discretion and are not appealable.