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China Travel Visa

Chinese Business Visa Requirements

When visiting for general business meetings and site visits, you are required to have a business visa.

Confirm China Visa Options and Processing

Chinese Business Visa Requirements

  1. Visa Questionnaire and Document Preparation

  2. AT CONSULAR DISCRETION: Official P/U Letter

  3. China - Travel Details Form, DC

  4. China - Where You Stay Form

  5. China - Health Declaration Form, 2020

  6. Current Valid Passport

  7. Copy of ID or Utility Bill

  8. One Passport-Style Photo

  9. US Business Letter

  10. Letter of Invitation

  11. Proof of Travel

  12. Photocopy of COVID-19 Vaccination Card

  13. Visa Order Form

  14. Multiple Entry Visas - Note

  15. Note: Prior Travel to Turkey

  16. Note: Additional requirements for applicants with military service history