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Brazil Work Visa Requirements

Brazil work visas are required for all U.S. Citizens and many foreign nationals prior to leaving the United States. can guide you through the Brazil tourist visa application process and help you obtain your travel visa in time for your trip!

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Brazil Work Visa Requirements

  1. Brazil Visa Application

    One visa application form, completed online on the Brazil Visa Application website, printed and signed. The application must be submitted to the consulate within 30 days after it is printed. Please send it promptly.

  2. U.S. Passport

    Provide your original valid signed passport. Must have at least two blank visa pages side by side and more than six months before expiry. Ensure the name and signatures on the passport match the application.

  3. Copy of Driver's License or State ID

    Applicant must provide a notarized copy of their driver's license or state ID with their Brazil visa application.

  4. Birth Certificate

    Please provide a certified copy of your birth certificate.

  5. Passport Photo

    One passport-style photo must be included with your application. Attach the photo with a paper clip, do not glue or staple.

  6. US Business Letter

    A letter from the applicant's company in the US, clearly and concisely explaining the nature of the technical service to be undertaken.

  7. Invitation Letter from Brazil

    A letter of invitation from the Brazilian company. The letter must be signed by a senior manager of the Brazilian company and be certified by a Brazilian notary (Cartorio).

  8. Work Contract

    Provide a copy of the work contract between the applicant and the Brazilian company. This contract must be authenticated and stamped by the Brazilian Ministry of Labor.

  9. CNPJ Registration

    A copy of the Brazilian company's registration with the"Cadastro Nacional de Pessoas Juri­dicas" (CNPJ).

  10. Trip Itinerary

    The applicant has to provide a copy of your confirmed flight itinerary, showing their name, entry to and departure from your destination country.

  11. FBI Background Check